Canyon Runner and Ritchie Howell announce that Canyon Runner will take over as the Exclusive Brokerage of Ritchie Howell Custom Carolina Yachts. So impressed were we with every aspect of the design and build of our newest vessel to our charter fleet, that not only is our brand new 2008 60' Ritchie Howell going to be our premier vessel, we are also going to be the Exclusive Broker for Ritchie Howell Custom Carolina Yachts.

If you are interested in a custom Carolina Yacht we strongly believe that you owe it to yourself to at least look into a Ritchie Howell. If you take a ride on one we know you'll never look back. So for additional information on building your own Ritchie Howell Custom Carolina or just to take a ride on one - please contact us at or call us Adam LaRosa at 732-272-4445 or Capt. Mark DeBlasio at 646-239-5566.


Adam and the Crew of the Canyon Runner